Learning and practicing in groups, for community and support

Do you blame yourself or others when things go wrong in your life? Do you get frustrated when people just don't understand you? Do you wish that you could communicate more easily with your loved ones?

Compassionate Communication can support you to:

  • Communicate your needs with clarity

  • Welcome honesty and compassion into your relationships 

  • Learn and embody tools which  support you to recognize and ask for what you want

  • Connect with your loved ones by inviting a new perspective and dynamic into your home.

  • Be a part of a community of compassionate people who are passionate about living authentically 

  • Harness the power to change the way you communicate and support the movement towards a new paradigm where compassion, freedom and honesty are integral parts of our society. 

Upcoming Workshops

Book a bespoke group course for your company, family or friends ...
These courses are available as group bookings, and can be tailored to your needs. For more info send me an email with your request and group size and dates :
People and Flower Graffiti

My Authentic Self

Embrace your authenticity on this weekend workshop, where we will practice observing ourselves in each moment and invite ourselves to express our honesty with awareness, responsibility and care.

( foundations course needed)

Serious Man

The YES behind your NO!!

Saying NO can be difficult and you can pay a heavy price when saying yes (when you really mean no) . Learn to connect with the reason needs behind your NO, moving towards solutions that work for everyone.

( foundations course needed)

Group Therapy

Bespoke group workshops

Perhaps you want to polish up your company and staff communication skills? OR maybe you want to hold a connecting workshop at a festival or a party ? Send me your idea or your request and I will work with you to co=create a workshop that suits your needs

Closed Eyes

Learn how to listen to yourself with curiosity. To hear what is important to you and to invite compassion and honesty in self reflection through journaling, sharing in in pairs and moving towards actionable requests to support yourself to live a more fulfilling life.

Self Empathy


For companies, groups and families. This workshop is designed to support you to connect, grow, bond and play through communicating with art together. 

Clear communication is the key element for a successful community to thrive.

We will explore a range of creative practices from drawing to working with clay and we will look into our relational dynamics and the roles that we play within the group.

Build and Bond

Foundations course w logo.jpg

Empower yourself to communicate your needs with honesty, clarity and compassion, whilst also learning how to understand what might be going on for others when they speak and act in ways you do not enjoy. 

Compassionate communication skills can give you the confidence and spaciousness to live your life and relationships with curiosity, respect, care and the opportunity to make choices that support your to grow and meet each other in harmoney.

Foundations of Compassionate Communication