Learning and practicing in groups, for community and support

Do you blame yourself or others when things go wrong in your life? Do you get frustrated when people just don't understand you? Do you wish that you could communicate more easily with your loved ones?

Communicating with clarity, honesty and compassion is an art form that we are not taught in our society. Learning and embodying compassionate, nonviolent communication skills together can really support you in moving closer to understanding yourself, connecting with your loved ones and inviting a new perspective and dynamic into your home, your life and your community. If we start with looking at ourselves, we have the power to change the way we communicate around the world together and move towards a new paradigm where compassion, freedom and honesty are integral parts of our society. 

12+13  Dec 2020  Weekend 
Compassionate Communication Intermediate
Time is TBD
September 2021- Dates to be announced
Compassionate Communication Foundations
Time is TBD
Zoom - Online (7/09 -26/10 - 8 meetings)
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A weekend of listening to each other with compassion, inviting connection, openness and trust into our relationships. No experience necessary

Self Empathy

We meet once a week over 4 weeks to welcome and understand the intensity of emotions that build up for us as we breakdown or grieve. In this group we can begin to support each other to support ourselves  through feelings of grief, aloneness, helplessness and exhaustion.

Facing Breakdowns and Loss

A 9 week training  to dive deeper into learning compassionate communication skills at an intermediate level

( foundations course needed)


People and Flower Graffiti

My Authentic Self

Embrace your authenticity on this weekend workshop, where we will practice observing ourselves in each moment and invite ourselves to express our honesty with awareness, responsibility and care.

( foundations course needed)

The YES behind your NO!!

Saying NO can be difficult and you can pay a heavy price when saying yes (when you really mean no) . Learn to connect with the reason needs behind your NO, moving towards solutions that work for everyone.

( foundations course needed)

Bespoke group workshops

Perhaps you want to polish up your company and staff communication skills? OR maybe you want to hold a connecting workshop at a festival or a party ? Send me your idea or your request and I will work with you to co=create a workshop that suits your needs