Parenting with self Compassion

11/11/19 - 13/04/20

7 x Monthly, Morning workshops

Aegina, Greece

Being the parent you want to be is not as easy as you imagined it would be before you had a family rite?
You never have the time, to spend on yourself, let alone spending time trying to figure out how to do things in a way that feels great for you and and your kids
And even if you do read, join support groups and speak with other parents, it doesn't stop it from being so challenging, when one child is crying nonstop and the other is running across the road?
Or even those (not so) simple moments when you just want them to go to bed so that you can get some rest and so that you and they won't be grumpy and exhausted tomorrow for school..

Sounds familiar?
Self empathy is a tool that really can help you to move that one step closer to finding that connection and ease or just some relief in both the smaller and larger challenges of parenting.

In this monthly programme of 7 monthly meetings we will be looking at how to develop skills in self empathy, so that we can support ourselves (and each other) and our children in these moments.


Using elements of Nonviolent Communication by DR Marshal Rosenberg Phd to support the process. (see here for more info about NVC in Greek aim is not to fix the situation, but to bring more clarity, and self care through building an understanding and an awareness of the beauty behind our feelings of frustration, anger, helplessness and so so much love towards ourselves and our children.

Do you blame yourself or others when things go wrong in your life?Do you get frustrated when people just don't understand you? Do you wish that you could communicate more easily with your loved ones?

Introduction to Compassionate Communication

Part 1 - 15/16 June 2019


Compassionate communication is a technique which may help you to better understand what it is that you want to say, or what someone else might be saying to you.

During this weekend in June we will be looking at the foundations of compassionate communication as we begin to break down our tangled thoughts into a language which is more simplified and based on getting to the core of our needs.

This is a beginners course and you do not need any experience with NVC (compassionate communication) to join us.


Saturday 15th June - 5-8:30 pm

Sunday 16th June - 5- 8:30 pm

Cost : €50 for the weekend (15/16 June)

- We will be following up with the "Compassionate Communication part 2" course on 29th and 30th June


Both weekends paid in advance (15/16 and 29/30 June): €80*

Part 2 -


*Please watch the 4 videos on this page before coming to the course:


The introductory weekend will be in English with some Greek translation (Intermediate English is recommended)

* The meetings will be held in English with some Greek translation (it is my wish to offer more workshops in Greek in the future)

* The venue will be in Aegina Town and will be confirmed each month a few days before we meet.

* It is recommended to attend all 7 meetings if possible so that you leave with the skills in your pocket.

*As each meeting is only 3 hrs during school time, we will start at promptly at 9:30am and finish at 12:30pm so that parents have time to arrive from school and pick up their children after.

The first meeting will be on 11/11/2019 from 9:30 - 12:30

* The first meeting is by donation and the other 6 are €15 per session = €90
- All contributions go directly towards my further training in NVC which makes it possible for me to share these tools with you.

About Emma:
Over the past 4 years I have been focusing on learning NVC (nonviolent communication) as a language of self expression, connection and understanding that has really helped me to find ease and a deeper connection in my relationships.
I am not a parent, (yet) but I have been working in schools with young children and teenagers for most of my adult life, and I believe that these processes I am going to be sharing with you are transferable and relevant for all human beings. I have seen them working for other parents, families and schools and so it is exciting for me to share these tools with parents directly for the first time.
It is my hope and dream that we can work alongside each other and inspire one another as we learn together as a supportive community over the next 6 months.

Past Workshops

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