Relationship Support

Healing The Hurt Between Us...
Healing Dialogues

Are you and your partner or colleague or friend going through a rough patch or a misunderstanding?

If both of you are looking for some support to bring you closer or to help you work out how to move forward together, then healing dialogues together (and separately) may help you to find that clarity or closeness once again. 

The healing dialogues route consists of 6 initial sessions:

- 2 initial 1:1 sessions each (4 in total), to support you in finding clarity and direction around what is important for you in your relationship.

- 2 healing dialogue sessions together

 I offer a FREE 1 hour exploration session to see if we can work together.

Process Cost: 

Total: £420-560 (sliding scale based on your earnings)


After these 6 initial sessions, should you need further assistance each session is charged at £70 - £110 per 1.5 hour dialogue.

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