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Relationship Support

Healing The Hurt Between Us...
Healing Dialogues Process:

Are you and your partner or colleague or friend going through a rough patch or a misunderstanding?

If both of you are looking for some support to bring you closer or to help you work out how to move forward together, then healing dialogues together (and separately) may help you to find that clarity or closeness once again. 

 I offer a FREE 45 minute discovery session to see if we can work together (see below)

The healing dialogues process is a supportive and explorative journey that is tailor made to your needs. 

Together you will:

- Be able to express what is most important for you that the other(s) understand. 

- Be supported to stay connected whilst discussing tricky subjects or navigating difficulties such as separation or making decisions together. 

- Be able to hear and understand the other person's perspective and experience with clarity.

- Be supported to move towards decisions that really work for everyone. 

- Be able to build trust and closeness once again. 

£65 - £95 per hour 


What it looks like:

After our discovery call, I like to start with 1 OR 2 private sessions with each person involved. 

In this 1:1 time with me, you will have the opportunity to share what is important for you and what you are finding difficult, so that I can support you to express from a place of inner clarity in our Healing Dialogue sessions together. 

Once we start the Dialogues process, we may have a few more private sessions when needed. 

Sometimes I will suggest a "workshop" session where we learn a certain skill together. 

The whole process is tailor made for your needs and we work together to decide what is needed next. 

The 1:1 sessions are 1 hr each @ £65 - £95 per hour 

The Healing Dialogue sessions are 1.5 hours (sometimes i offer longer sessions if needed) and are also £65 - £95 per hour 

(Please request pricing for business and corporate dialogues)  

Each healing Dialogues process has it's own journey and length of time and so can last anywhere between 6 and 100 meetings long, we can discuss this in our discovery call. 

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