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Meet Nicole..

Hear how she transformed
her relationships through
finding clarity,
understanding and the
ability to ask for what
she needs in relationships...

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October 2022


The Relaxing in Relationships course provided so much reassurance and validation for my inner child. 
I think my main driver to first work with Emma was that I wanted to become an expert on relationships, so my next relationship would be amazing. But then I realised, through working with her, that I needed to have that good relationship with myself too. Emma is very patient, she has  really patient nurturing energy, that allowed me to really get the importance of self connection and inner child work. She also helped me recognise the stories that play out in my mind. It's now the first thing I do I ask myself: “Hey inner child, what do you need me to hear or understand right now?”. I also got into the habit of asking myself,  “What is the story I’m telling myself?” And really listening to the answer . 
I might still have a little bit of a meltdown or a rant or a situation, but now I come back to calm much quicker than I would have done previously. So that's probably the biggest change, as well as that final nudge to support me to get into my body and be with difficult emotions when they come up. 
I was terrified of repeating patterns and this has given me more faith in myself, and more of a deeper understanding of myself and less apologetic for what I want. It’s also been so supportive, validating, reassuring and exciting to have these tools to bring to the next relationship too. The tools are about communication and needs, and this makes it really actionable and practical. Then there's also the deeper level, where I felt really deeply understood and supported. And from that I am now more connected to myself and I have more faith in my abilities to attract my beloved.

September 2022

Olivier.P  5/5

Doing Mediation sessions with Emma has been extremely rewarding for me and the relationship I have with my partner.
Not only I myself have felt heard and understood in a very deep and unique way, finding with her the ability to explore things that needed attention and healing, but I have also seen how the preparative sessions before the mediation between us have also brought
that empathy to my partner…

The more space was created in both of us thanks to Emma’s skills and listening with kindness, compassion and empathy, and this helped the more vulnerable part of ourselves to be revealed in safety and therefore being with reality became less painful and a more hopeful and lively process.

Having also experienced her work in other contexts such as when she facilitates courses and regular group practices, I have witnessed and felt impressed on the level of integrity and care I saw in her.

I highly and regularly recommend her to my friends and if you are looking for someone to do mediation with or even simply 1 on 1 sessions, I can guarantee you that you will find, with her understanding, growth and a lot of humanity !

September 2022

Nix  5/5

Emma Is a kind and compassionate person who is able to listen deeply and reflect back to me things I never considered before. She has really supported me to get in touch with my own needs beneath my feelings. Getting clarity on what it is I need and how to creatively meet those needs myself so that I feel more able to express my needs and feelings with clarity and compassion and then feel more confident about making requests in my relationships. 


Emma was the missing piece to my puzzle all these years. I never knew NVC existed before. I finally have a clear picture and feel able to put into words and what a conscious relationship and parenting looks and feels like to me. 


I honestly can not recommend Emma enough. The breakthroughs I had were incredible. The shifts. The integration and embodiments of these tools and skills is something that should be taught in schools and something I am teaching my daughter and loved ones to do and be aware of since our work together. 


My communication now comes from the heart and allows me to feel more authentically me so that others are better able to understand me. I now have an open conscious dialogue and relationship with those closer to me, which involves sharing our needs and feelings. Working with Emma has helped me come a long way with putting into practice everything she has taught me. 


If you are wanting a conscious relationship or wanting to understand yourself more deeply Emma is your woman! 🙏🏻🥰 I am deeply grateful to have been introduced to and worked with Emma.

September 2022

Jenny.  5/5

Anger towards others and towards myself was leading to difficulties with my relationships, and this was one of the reasons I turned to NVC. The insight and tools I have learnt are beginning to help me shift these feelings into something that is not violent, but supportive. It is a practice and having Emma along the way to teach and coach me is invaluable. She makes every moment of our sessions count. She cares deeply and I feel heard, understood and safe to share the most vulnerable parts of myself. 


Emma also creates resources to support the sessions and to use afterwards. These have been fantastic in helping me practice throughout the week, especially in times of need when I have strong emotions that I want to work through. 


May 2022

Becca 5/5

Emma’s empathy sessions are magical. She holds a very safe space and teaches us the listening skills we need to truly be in relationship with both others and ourselves. I leave every session feeling grateful to be a human - happier and lighter. Thank you Emma.

May 2022

Andrew 5/5

Emma is a wonderful facilitator. When attending her events I always feel safe, included, respected and connected to her and the other participants - and I always leave feeling expanded and with a warm glow in my heart. I know of no one better suited to sharing the wonderful gifts of empathetic communication. 100% recommended!

May 2022

Nicky M 5/5

Emma is an exceptional coach and trainer. i highly recommend her. I've been on an intensive learning journey to help me improve my communication skills in my relationship. She has really helped me to express my needs more clearly and to be less reactive. I have also learnt to be more compassionate with myself and understand my own needs more clearly - which has been a game changer and helped me to feel more relaxed and comfortable with myself.


June 2022

Maise 5/5

Emma is a very talented facilitator who brings compassion and clarity to NVC and builds a safe environment. Through working with her I have a much stronger sense of my own needs, and have been able to have loving, hard conversations with people in my life. My needs are better met now, and through these conversations I have deepened my relationships. I’m grateful to Emma for her work.

April 2022

Sarah D

Emma’s NVC training has made me a less controlling person at work and an easier person for my partner to be around. I think every leader needs to learn these skills.

April 2022

Ciara 5/5

I really enjoyed my time with Emma as she has helped me grow as a person. When I first went with her I would rarely communicate my feelings but she allowed me to talk about them without feeling judged and made me feel very comfortable. I now know that it is okay to not feel good all the time and it is important to talk to people. I would really recommend emma as she is friendly and very good at her job as I received high quality support. Emma is not there to take peoples money as you can tell how much she loves her job and there was no pressure to continue and when I knew I had finished my counselling it was very easy to tell her.
I would definitely go back again if I needed to 😊


November 2021

Marina C 5/5

Emma is a passionate enthusiast, and this is the way she transmits nvc: with passion and enthusiasm. There is a child-like quality in the joy she obviously feels from sharing nvc.
Moments spent with her, talking about and sharing her own experience in discovering nvc and using its “tools” in everyday life are not only an eye-opener but a real pleasure. Words are mixed with exercises and quite a bit of silence - time for reflection and meditating on what has been said and all that has happened. All of this in an atmosphere of warmth and love and sharing, without truths or lies but with what feels right at the given moment. Emma shares and offers nvc in an organic manner… which allows for things to sink in, even though they might be challenging.

November 2021


Working and being connected with Emma I experience safeness, tenderness, cosiness, warmth.
I'm deeply moved and inspired by her vulnerability, loving compassion, beauty and grateful for her enthusiasm in teaching and sharing NVC.

November 2021

Nad 5/5

I attended a Compassionate Communications course hosted by Emma a year ago and consequently enlisted her support for a short period of couples counselling.

Emma's care, enthusiasm and professionalism so piqued my curiosity for the philosophy and practise of Non Violent Communication (NVC) that, a few months later, I felt compelled to send her this message:

"Hi Emma

Am just listening in on the NVC Day One and was inexorably reminded of how great you were/are at explaining and facilitating - particularly when [xxx] and I had our sessions with you. After a pause, we are taking our time - using and building on the knowledge/insights/lessons you taught us - to co-create something amazing and sustainable. Sure, there are some steps back but interspersed with some double strides forward in between. So, thank you and I just wanted to share."

My experience is that Emma offers a big heart and a big brain in the service of People and I would recommend completely.


November 2021

Nelli Roedl 5/5

The session with Emma was extremely helpful to me! During this session I made an important step in my self-awareness. It gave me deep understanding and a huge relief in a very painful situation. I went from pain to well-being.

Emma chose the right process (from Virginia Satyr) for my problem. When unexpected things came up in me, she sensed these precisely accurate, reacted perfectly flexible and followed my inner process. She always seemed to know exactly what to do, I found that very competent and that made me feel very safe. Through the whole session, she was 100% present and sensitive. She reflected my feelings, needs and emotional states so well with words, mimics and gestures, that my need of recognition was fully met. This again helped me to go deeper and deeper into my subconscious and made me understand myself better. Through all the session, I had enough time to think, feel and express myself. At the same time the amount and the pace of Emmas input was perfectly dosed, which encouraged and supported my inner process.

I felt comfortable, safe and secure, warmly welcomed, very connected, seen and heard, understood. I sense her warmhearted poise, which I really trust.

Thank you, Emma!

October 2021

Theodora Xoraphas 4/5

In her NVC group, Emma created a space where everyone felt loved and accepted. It has been a heart opening experience where transformation can occur. She is charismatic in transmitting her enthusiasm for NVC.

October 2021

Tanja 5/5

I have been seeing many different therapists in my life. But never have I experienced more personal growth since having weekly empathy sessions with Emma.
Whenever I speak to her, I feel completely held in her loving presence and her amazing listening skills. With her support I have gained profound insights to myself, released trauma and found new ways of dealing with difficult emotions. I feel completely safe to share even the most shameful places with her. I’m beyond grateful for the growth, comfort and empowerment the sessions with her keep bringing into my life


October 2021

Ndidi 5/5

I attended a course titled Compassionate Foundations organised by Emma for 8weeks. That course deepened my understanding of NVC and met my needs for learning, growth, connection, clarity and self awareness. It was an interactive experience and whetted my appetite for more knowledge of NVC. I admired Emma's creativity, competence and desire to value the needs of all the participants. I look forward to attending future courses by Emma.

April 2021


 "I felt an instant connection because Emma spoke openly about what was alive in her, which inspired me to do the same, and in that way I really opened up to fully hear what she was teaching."

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