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Mon, 04 Sept



Authentic+ Compassionate Relating / NVC LEVEL 3 (9 x evenings - ONLINE)

"The art of LIVING a life of compassion and authenticity that truly supports me to walk the walk and embody NVC as a way of being: is when I am able to apply a lens of curiosity towards all of the spaces where contraction lives in me, towards myself and others."

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Authentic+ Compassionate Relating / NVC  LEVEL 3 (9 x evenings - ONLINE)
Authentic+ Compassionate Relating / NVC  LEVEL 3 (9 x evenings - ONLINE)

Time & Location

04 Sept 2023, 19:00 – 21:30 BST



About The Event

9 week Training Monday Evenings 

04/09/23 - 06/11/23

Online / Zoom - 2.5 hours per sesssion with breaks.

19:00 - 21:30 (GMT) / 20:00-22:30 (CET)

1 week  break: 25/09/23

MAX: 18 particpants

Price: £250-450 Option to pay deposit (please see below)

This is an Advanced level course: You need to have completed a beginners + Intermediate course OR attended NVC training which amounts to 60 hrs + of learning time. If in doubt please email me:

If you have been studying and embodying the wonderful wisdom and tools of NVC for some time now, and you find yourself wanting to investigate one step further. To really experience this way of being and living in relationships as an actual part of how you live, think, breath and speak with yourself and others?

IF so then this course is about living NVC in the moment as a community. We will explore the nooks and crannies where NVC still feels “clunky / robotic”. Apply the macro lens into the web of life and the world that we live in, so as to bring compassion to the places that we find it hardest to really do so.

Intentions of this course are:

  • To feel confident / capable of having tricky conversations
  • To understand where I get blocked and how to bring compassion to protectors and younger parts of myself
  • To uncover hidden biases and belief systems that block me from connection to life and others so that I can move towards the pain of separation with trust.
  • To master the art of holding many parts in life, in self, in relationships, seeing each voice as a beautiful  need that wants to be included.
  • To support others to connect in conflict
  • To take 100 % response - ability (not responsibility)  in my relationships
  • To keep coming back to my body as a place for me to find clarity in myself
  • To be touched by the spirituality of self enquiry through deepening my practice of inner listening and reflection.

What will I learn?

The Advanced course is not a pre-designed course. I design it session by session based on my inspiration and requests from participants. For this reason, every Advanced Course addresses different topics.

We will address topics such as: ❀ Being the Only Giraffe in the Dialogue ❀ Transforming Core Beliefs ❀ Fear Process

❀ Inner child / Holding my younger parts with compassion

❀ Vision Quest: Making real steps into my future dreams for life

❀ Mediating my inner voices: Hearing all the parts of me

❀ Plugging into life: Empathy in the body ❀ Practicing Full Dialogue and Connecting in Conflicts ❀ The Art of Mourning ❀ Holding the delicate dynamics of demand energy to liberate us both ❀ Healing the Pain Between Us – how to transform hurt into connection/cooperation ❀ Empathy in the Body ❀ Freeing from Stories – rejection stories, desperation stories and self-criticism ❀ Healing the dynamics between men and women

❀ Conversations on Polarisation ❀ Clearing up the Mess Dialogues

❀ The Art of Requesting – if you don’t ask, nothing will happen… Stand up for your needs! ❀ The Dynamics of Anger – how to express and listen to anger in a way that brings connection and cooperation ❀ And much more…

You will be invited to work on examples from your own life in an interactive and safe learning environment. We will practice Nonviolent Communication through demonstrations, role-play and exercises in order to integrate NVC values and language more into our daily lives.

The way we teach is: 30% Theory and 70% of Practice/Demonstration/Learning from LIVE situations that are happening in the here and now. Our focus is very much on the Embodied aspect of ‘Nonviolent Communication’, so be ready to dive.

What participants say:

EVA: "This training was so valuable for me, it helped my understand myself and my relationships better. It brought compassion in areas of my life that were very judgment driven"

"I am beyond satisfied the way Emma led this training, there was passion and yet so much tenderness in the way she presented. It really motivated me to practice more self connection and express myself from there. I loved the meditations and the poems too!"

NIX: "My communication now comes from the heart and allows me to feel more authentically me so that others are better able to understand me. I now have an open conscious dialogue and relationship with those closer to me, which involves sharing our needs and feelings"

Andrew: "Emma is a wonderful facilitator. When attending her events I always feel safe, included, respected and connected to her and the other participants - and I always leave feeling expanded and with a warm glow in my heart. I know of no one better suited to sharing the wonderful gifts of empathetic communication. 100% recommended!"


In a closed group, in a safe environment, we will practice the NVC method through demonstrations, role-plays and exercises. You will be invited to work with real-life examples from your life for an interactive experience and a real integration of NVC philosophy and skills into everyday life.


9 week Training Monday Evenings 

04/09/23 - 06/11/23

Online / zoom - 2.5 hours per sesssion with breaks.

19:00 - 21:30 (GMT) / 20:00-22:30 (CET)

1 week  break: 25/09/23

MAX: 18 particpants


For anyone who has been learning and embodying NVC as a way of life and is now longing to dive deeper in order to experience living NVC as a natural, habitual and everyday part of life. If you are wanting to deepen your practice in a community of like minded people and to deepen the inquiry of how this way of life can support you to connect even more compassionately. This course will support you to find the wisdom and clarity that needs based living can really bring.

You can attend this course IF you have 60 hrs + of experience in NVC training OR you have previously attended a beginners AND an intermediate course. IF in doubt, please email me:


Emma Buggy: Is a CNVC certification candidate who has been studying and working with compassionate communication skills since 2015. She was a part of the organizing team of the NVC Global Online Festival, has run workshops and organised welfare teams at festivals such as "Moving Connection" + "Connections with Intimacy"  and other NVC Summer Camps and spaces both online and in person in the UK. Emma holds weekly practice groups and compassionate spaces such as The Empathy Cafe and The Intimate relationships community in London. She works with couples, communities and individuals to support intimacy to flourish and flow between people. Her aim is to bring love and compassion into the center of all relationships, inviting us to connect and welcome our humanity and authenticity into our everyday lives.

How Much do I pay?

I use a sliding scale system in order to make this course inclusive and accessible to people from different financial circumstances to attend. I also like that money is given to me as a form of gratitude for the work that we do together as it supports me to receive it more joyfully.

So I ask that you choose an amount between £250-450 which takes into account my time and experience and yet also feel comfortable for you to offer. If this system is confusing and you prefer to be given an amount you can follow the guideline below:

£250 - low / no income

£350- Regular income

£450 - Comfortable income and supporting others on a low income (the extra amount you offer will make this course available to up to 2 x people who will receive a subsudised ticket and may not have been able to attend otherwise.)

You can also choose to pay a deposit of £75 now and the remainder at the end of the course OR pay the full amount now.

The course will run with a minimum of 8 participants, if this number is not reached you will be refunded or the course will be postponed.

Inspired by Yoram Mosenzon's Connecting2Life Courses


  • NVC Level 3 FULL Ticket

    Please choose an amount between based on the sliding scale system explained in the main course txt. Choose this option if you wish to pay in full now. The suggested amount is between £250- £450 . If for financial reasons you are unable to pay that amount at this time, but you would still like to join the course, please choose to offer any amount which is comfortable for you to give, your presence is already a gift !

    Pay what you want
    Sale ended
  • NVC Level 1 Deposit Only

    Please buy this ticket if you prefer to pay the deposit of £75 now and the remainder of the course price based on the sliding scale system of £250-£450 at the end of the course.

    Sale ended
  • Apply for a supported place

    If you would like to apply for a supported place on this course please fill in the form and I will arrange an interview. I am able to offer supported places based on the number of fully paid tickets. This means that I will confirm your place 1 week before the training starts.

    Sale ended



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