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One on One Deep Listening Sessions
& 1:1 Training
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Inner Exploration - Empathy 

Do you have something you want to understand more deeply? Perhaps your feeling confused or worried, or overwhelmed? Or maybe you have a project your working on and you want to find more clarity? 

I'm here to listen and when I mean listen, I mean I will listen to you, follow you and be with what is alive in you in each moment

In a  1 on 1 session with me, you won't be receiving advice, or reassurance or tips, I will be focusing on you and offering a sense of resonance and an understanding for what you are going through. This is a time for you to share and really be heard.

I invite you to come as yourself, speak, shout, cry, laugh or stay in silence.. all is welcome.

1:1 Training

Are you busy and find group workshops do not easily fit your schedule, or perhaps you enjoy the privacy and pace of a private lesson? 

With a 1:1 tutoring session, you will receive a tailor made experience of learning communication skills whilst receiving empathy,  support and flexibility to work in areas that most interest you

Contact me for prices and more info: emma.empathart@gmail.com

What is Empathy Like?

Why not try it out, our first exploration session together will be FREE

(50 minutes)

If you are interested or would like more information please contact me at: emma.empathart@gmail.com

If you would enjoy making a contribution, It helps me to fund the podcasts and videos that I make as well as offer free sessions to people in need of empathy