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I'm Here to Listen...

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Personal Relationship Coaching
1:1 Support + Training
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An in depth exploration of your relationship needs..

Relationship coaching is an intuitive process, which supports you to uncover relationship patterns, blocks and frustrations so that you can be met with compassion, understanding and support.


We will meet each week for 1 hr, to talk and discuss what has been happening in your life.

I might suggest a certain process to support you to self connect and dive deeper, and sometimes we will look at learning a new skill to support your self development.


Mostly I will stay in empathy with you so that you can discover your intuition and find your own inner clarity through deeply listening to what is alive in you now.


We will co-create this experience through seeing what is needed in the moment. We check in on a monthly basis to see where we are at and what is needed before the next month starts, this can be as flexible and as structured as needed, so that each week, we will work with what you are needing support with NOW. 

1:1 Training -
12 Week Immersion Program

This is an immersive 12 week process where we will combine the depth and intimacy of change which happens with inner child work and structured training sessions which will support you to make real changes to the patterns and behaviors which are no longer serving you in relationships. You will leave this course with a skills set of self connection exercises and communicative tools to help you to express and listen with more clarity, confidence and understanding.

We will explore the elements of self connection, self expression and learning how to connect with your partner around difficult topics with more spaciousness, you can download the course guide for more info.

This process can also be experiences as a 16 week program with your partner(pricing and structure is different, please request more info on our discovery call) .


Please book a discovery session to see if this is the right package for you.

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