“What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.”
― Marshall B. Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life



Hi I'm Emma,

I'm here to support you in building a closer connection with yourself and your loved ones.


Through compassionate guidance that can help you to find your own inner clarity and awareness around core issues in your life and relationships.

"I am passionate about living and learning what it means to be human, in all its shapes and colours, and I have made it my life's mission to bring together all the shades of our humanity though understanding the collective wounds which underpin the structure of our being and influence the way that we think, act and relate to one another . 


Through my experiences in working at schools as an artist and performer, to living in creative communities and holding regular street art exhibitions. I have formed many of my questions regarding the way we communicate in our society today. I was challenged by the use of punishment and reward within the school system, good and bad, within the art world, and disconnect caused by the labels and judgments we use in the everyday language of our society. 

Through my studies of “Non-violent Communication”, I became aware that the segregation of our behaviors and needs as either right or wrong is continually reflected and repeated in our adult life, relationships, family life and at work. This has become the hidden language of violence in our society and culture, which I believe we all have the ability to change through learning a language of compassion and nonviolence towards ourselves and each other".  Emma Buggy 2018

Time is TBD
Zoom - Online 26/06 -29/08 (6 meetings)

What People Say..

"With Emma's support I have gained profound insights to myself, released trauma and found new ways of dealing with difficult emotions. I feel completely safe to share even the most shameful places with her. I’m beyond grateful for the growth, comfort and empowerment the sessions with her keep bringing into my life”.

Tanja / Switzerland 

“Emma created a space where everyone felt loved and accepted in our practice group. It has been to me a heart opening experience where transformation can occur. She is charismatic in transmitting her enthusiasm for NVC”

Theo / Greece

"The session with Emma was extremely helpful to me! During this session I made an important step in my self-awareness. It gave me deep understanding and a huge relief in a very painful situation. I went from pain to well-being"

Nelli/ Germany

 "I felt an instant connection because Emma spoke openly about what was alive in her, which inspired me to do the same, and in that way I really opened up to fully hear what she was teaching."

Sietske/ Germany

Non-violence =Compassion

The 3 modes of connection according to NVC



Listening with Curiosity

Let them take you on a journey of discovering their heart. Listen to the feelings and needs behind the stories and opinions of others.

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Self Connection

Looking inwards

Connect to your heart, what does your body tell you? Behind your own judgments or thoughts, what is it that your really longing for?

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Senior Man

Radical Honesty

Self Expression

Be your authentic self, moment to moment, share what you feel and desire, ask for the moon and see how honesty can be a gift in your life.

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