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Expressing From The Heart

An introduction to Nonviolent Communication, October 19-20.19 Brighton, UK

Do you find yourself saying things that you regret or not saying things that you wish you had found the words for?

Do you argue with you family, loved ones and friends, always wishing there was a simpler and easier way to get across your message?

Do you wish you had the words to stand up for yourself more and ask for the things that you long for?

Do you find tend to blame yourself or others for things going wrong?

At this foundations training in compassionate communication AKA Nonviolent Communication, we will be looking at the old language and behavioural patterns that we want to change in order to develop a new perspective through practicing this method of communication by Dr Marshal Rosenberg P.H.D, which holds compassion and connection at the heart of all matters.


We will be looking at:

* How we communicate now and what we would like to keep or change

* The communication fauxs that are ingrained in the society and world that we live in

* Observation of our body and how we feel feelings and what these feelings are trying to tell us

* Our shared human longings and values and why they are so important to us

*Developing awareness and self empathy to help us get to the point where we can communicate from the heart.

*Developing empathy for others so that we can listen to others and connect deeply with what is arising in them.

*Beginning to think about how we can ask for what we want whilst holding the others needs as equal to our own

About the weekend: 
  • We will be starting promptly at 09:00 am on both days with a 45 min yin yoga session to connect with the body so please arrive a little in advance to settle yourself / have a cup of tea.

  • 9-6pm with yoga, 3 sessions of NVC, 2 shorter breaks and a longer lunch break of 1.5 hrs.

  • We will provide tea and snacks for the breaks.

  • For lunch we will eat together so please bring something for yourself or to share with the rest of the group.

  • Cost: £95 for the full 2 day training

  • Where? The course will be held at a beautiful and spacious private property in Brighton, Bn1 3AD, the full address will be shared with participants who have booked a place and paid the deposit in order to respect the privacy of the home owner.

  • Accomodation: is not included in this event, please do make sure that you have a place to stay in if you are traveling to Brighton and do not hesitate to ask for assistance in finding somewhere suitable and closeby. 

About Emma

Emma has been studying NVC for the past 4 years and is now on the pathway to certification through teaching and sharing her knowledge of NVC. She has been leading a weekly group and introductory sessions over the past year in Greece where she lives and works with non violence in a local school and with members of the local community. She regularly attends further trainings and has assisted on workshops with certified trainers as well as being involved in many online mentoring groups. An ongoing part of the certification process encourages candidates to share and teach NVC for a recommended time of 1-2 years before certification as well as attending 50+ days of training. All the events and workshops that Emma offers are a part of her journey in developing her skills and so all proceeds go towards her continued training and sharing of NVC . If you would like to donate or offer more than the suggested ticket price, your support would be very much appreciated. 

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