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Where we get stuck in relationships PART 2 - making demands Vrs making requests

If you are feeling frustrated because you are fed up with asking and reminding your partner to do the dishes or spend some quality time together, or perhaps help out with the kids, talk about finances or understand something that is super important to you..

I really get how exhausted and alone you might be feeling in those moments. It can "feel" as if you are not being seen, respected or considered by your partner and this can easily lead to resentment and essentially arguments between you.

First of all, you have every right to feel as you feel, and to need the support, recognition, understanding or whatever else it is that you want to experience from within the relationship.

In this video I talk about where we get stuck when we get attached to a certain way of meeting our needs in relationships and how this attachment can lead to pressure and a demanding mentality which essentially pushing our partners away from us rather than inviting a natural curiosity to work together, which comes when we are receptive and open to other ideas we may not yet have thought of.

This is the real art of compassionate and authentic communication (Aka Nonviolent Communication), where we learn to find solutions that truly work for everyone.

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