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Where we get stuck in relationships - Part 1) Waiting for your partner to change..

Do you find yourself wishing that your partner would just do x/y/z differently.. if only they could just be more...

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Or that you see how much "potential" they have..

The potential to be more successful / loving / active / have more friends.. etc..

And you are waiting for the day when the become more.. so that you can relax into being in relationship with them fully?

This is 1 of the common places where we can get stuck in relationships.. because we are waiting for the other person change so that we can be happy in the relationship.

This doesn't mean that we don't want to ask for our needs to be met in relationships though.

The invitation here is to become aware of the pressure cooker this can create and how that pressure can create more distance than connection in relationships.

I'd love to read your thoughts and experiences around this topic in the comments!

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