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Turning arguments into GOLD!

Arguing with your partner can be very frustrating..

It can feel like you are getting nowhere or brushing things under the carpet just so that you can move on from the discomfort of confrontation and not really hearing each other...

If this is you, you are not alone! Arguing is what we do when we are trying to communicate something that is important to each of us, at the same time. It happens when we don't know how to express ourselves in a way that the other person can hear us, and when we take their words personally.

Learning how to truly connect beyond the spiky words you might say or think about each other takes some skills and practice.

So lets start with the first step: Download my "Needs list" on my website to help you:

And think of a judgment you have towards yourself or your partner in an argument. Write it down And see if you can find the core values which are behind these thoughts.

How does it feel to recognize what is important to you?

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