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The Many Ways I Love to Listen to my Authenticity, & The Language of Life That Moves Though Me.

Plugging in..


To the resonance or life

Moving through me,

Living in me,

Connecting me to the pulsating web of creation..

The energy of life that speaks through my skin,

Through your eyes,

Through our words,

Through moving in silence,

Through the vibration of sound,

The intensity of taste,

The pleasure of touch,

The wisdom of pain,

Connecting with this flow of life,

That we are all a part of..

That is the essence of my work..

Communication is just 1 way for me to touch the awesome sensation of being alive..

This is the message I hear when I listen to the rythems of life that surround me. That feeling of aliveness and interconnection is so present for me when I see myself as a part of nature, a vessels that is plugged into the source of energy that is buzzing with sounds, sensations and colors in every moment.

Learning to listen to the subtle shifts in my own body and communicate my own authenticity with others has been 1 way in. 1 way to connect with life, listen to my own rythem, trust what my body is telling me and share that depth of connection in relationship with another.

Creativity, art and dance have been another way into that source of life for me.

And in the last few years, really tuning into my menstrual cycle and learning the magic of staying with pain, the transformational possibilities of listening into the pain of my body, has really taken me deeply into the center of that life source.

In the coming months I will be weaving more of these creative, sensual and meditative body based practices for connecting to that bountiful resource of wisdom that flows through you and wants to be heard by you, into the foundations course on Compassionate and Authentic Relating.

Because I believe that this sensitivity towards ourselves ultimately changes everything about the way that we relate with life, relate with others, our lovers, our families, our friends and most importantly ourselves.

The next Foundations Course is starting in just 1 week - will you be joining us?

(PAY WHAT YOU CAN spaces available on this course only)

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