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I am HUMAN..

Just like every one of you reading this right now, I too have all sorts of thoughts and judgment or opinions and beliefs about the right way to do things and the wrong way to do things..

I have idea's about how relationships should look like and how people should behave.

I have thoughts about how I should be different and how I am not enough.

Because I am a human being who has grown up in a culture that teaches me to think in these ways - to label, analys, criticize and deny so that I can feel safe from the imagined tigers who inhabit the concrete jungle that my tribal body is still trying to get used to.

In this video I talk about how natural it is for us to think in these ways and yet how much distance it creates when we think, speak and act out from this mentality.

Compassionate communication has changed the way I see my fellow humans and understand my own and their humanity with compassion, curiosity and care.

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