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Welcome to the Relating with Joy workshop!


Designed to support you to enjoy spending time those who are closest to you and move beyond the frustrating conversations that lead to pointless arguemnets, and towards a more meaningful connection between you. 


This course is for you if: You find yourself feeling nervous, frustrated, worried, already imagining uncomfortable moments with your partner or family members and therefore you are less excited about gathering with the people who are closest to you.. 


Perhaps you are worried about:

Arguments at the dinner table

Boring conversations 

Not being able to get a word in.. 

Everyone wanting something  different 

A lack of connection

You getting triggered by certain things that they say

Chaos erupting in the kitchen

Feeling a sense of duty and doing things because you  "have to" 


And what you would really like to experience is: 














If so, this workshop has short, quick and easy bite size exercises to support  you to feel more relaxed, connected, together, at ease and resourceful when spending more than an hour with your relatives!


What's Included:  

- Guided meditation for self connection + regulating your system in stressful moments

- "Self Connection"  tools to help you recognise your needs and experience  more joy and ease over the holidays.

- "Self Expression" support, helping you to ask for what you want in a way that family members can hear your heart and stay connected!

- "Emergency Self Empathy Guide"to resource yourself when you are feeling full, triggered and reactive!

- Tips and tools to help you to connect with your relatives in a more meaningful way.

- "Active Listening Skills" - giving you the key to hear what is at the heart of your relatives "annoying" words and behaviors.

- "Connection Games" - Fun ways  to get everyone talking at the dinner table. 


-  4 hours worth of content to explore (worth £300-400+)


So for now I offer you a chance to get started by engaging with the questions in the "getting started" PDF .


I bellieve that you will find nuggets of gold in this programe, which will support you to stay connected to your loved ones.


Relating With Joy

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