To support your embodied practice of compassionate communication

Use these resources when you need an extra helping hand to support you to move beyond conflict or move towards connection or simply to help you to connect with yourself and understand what is most important to you.


Feelings + Needs List


Use this "Feelings + Needs" list to help you locate, track and articulate your emotional world. You can also use this list to support you in guessing another persons feelings and needs so that you can better understand and connect with them.

Gratitude Practice


Appreciation = Connection 

Practicing Gratitude is the how we say "Thank You" to someone when we are connected to our needs and expressing WHY + HOW what they have said or done has really touched us in some way. This way of giving thanks can really support connection and appreciation in your relationships!


Self Expression


Use this "Self Expression" model to help you express what is important to you! You will need your feelings and needs list to support you, and it may help to spend some time connecting with yourself first. If you have already attending a beginners course then this will support you to remember the 4 steps as your practice compassionate self expression.

Couple Holding Hands

Dyad Meditations


Dyad meditations" are a beautiful speaking meditation practiced between 2 people.


The intention is to connect with yourself and another person through sharing from a source of inner wisdom and presence which you are able to access when being offered the silent presence of a witnessing listener. 

This practice has been initiated by Charles Berner in 1968 and developed and shared by Robert Gonzalez, Robert Maoz Kržišnik and Simone Anliker and others within the NVC community.