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Practice with others

Our Weekly groups are held every Monday evening from

7 - 9:30pm in Aegina Town.

We use meditation, movement,

 compassionate language building and group activities to develop our personal and group communication skills, through role-play, discussion and writing.

Weekly meetings   on Aegina Island are held on a donation basis. All proceeds go towards my further training in NVC 

This May, on the beautiful Saronic Island of Aegina, we will be looking at the fundamentals of compassion and what being compassionate means to us in our relationships with ourselves and others.


Great communication happens when there is connection.

When we connect with ourselves we are then able to connect with others.

Practicing and developing our skills together brings us the opportunity to open up and be heard, and to listen to others with empathy and care.


We learn faster together, and in our weekly groups we always leave with a huge smile and a heart full of gratitude for what we have shared together.  

2018-07-08 12.33.14.jpg

"Emma is a passionate enthusiast, and this is the way she transmits nvc: with passion and enthusiasm. there is a child-like quality in the joy she obviously feels from sharing nvc.

moments spent with her, talking about and sharing her own experience in discovering nvc and using its “tools” in everyday life are not only an eye-opener but a real pleasure. words are mixed with exercises and quite a bit of silence - time for reflection and meditating on what has been said and all that has happened. all of this in an atmosphere of warmth and love and sharing, without truths or lies but with what feels right at the given moment. Emma shares and offers nvc in an organic manner… which allows for things to sink in, even though they might be challenging"

Marina, Weekly Practice Group, Aegina 


Meet me on a video call or face to face, for a 30 minute introduction, where I will be happy to answer your questions, explain a bit about Compassionate Communication and listen to you with empathy, so that you can connect with what is alive in you.

You can contribute whatever you feel the session is worth to you (starting with just a 5 booking fee)  and all proceeds will go towards my further training in Compassionate Communication (NVC) and support me in the process of becoming a certified trainer. 

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