What is Compassionate Communication?

Compassionate Communication is also known as Nonviolent Communication. Dr Marshal Rosenberg developed his language of life in order to find a more compassionate way for us to understand one another and to be able to connect with what is truly alive in us and in others. 

Relationships, Family, Work.. Living with ourselves and with others is not always easy. Do you find yourself arguing with your partner about little things or feeling constantly helpless about being a parent or connecting with your parents, or feeling like nobody will ever be able to understand you?


A compassionate and honest relationship with ourselves helps us to obtain balance and joy in our lives. And yet listening to and communicating our deeper needs in an authentic, compassionate way is something our current culture and society does not teach us.


The practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers simple but extremely powerful tools , to better understand ourselves and each other and to find solutions that work for everyone through observation, compassion and honesty.

For a full explanation of NVC and how it works please visit the CNVC website.


​The Key Concepts of NVC

  • Universality of human needs/values

  • All actions are attempts to meet those needs

  • Compassion for self and others

  • We possess the desire for natural giving

  • There is enough in our world materialy and emotionally, for everyone's needs to be met


What is Compassionate Communication/ NVC?


About Me

My Experience of Non Violent Communication is based on my personal understanding, through extensive training, studying and embodiment of NVC over the past 5 years. I share my understanding of NVC in order to help others embody compassion and honesty in their lives and relationships. 

Through creative self expression and living my life with authenticity I find myself more in touch with life and on a path of developing my self awareness and honesty which guides me in my living and teaching practice. 


My fine art background with a history of making and exhibiting sculptural artworks which had poignant messages about finding my identity as a women, and the struggle I have been through in romantic relationships are what lead me to explore the links between self-expression and getting to the roots of what I am trying to communicate. 

Through understanding the feelings and needs that drive me. 


Over the past 5 years I have dedicated my time and energy towards living NVC through teaching in my local community, via online presence and workshops,  building projects such as the NVC Global Online Festival and The Empathy Cafe (online) community and through extensive training with certified trainers from across the globe. 

My experience working in schools and with children formed many of my questions regarding the way we communicate in our society today. I was challenged by the use of punishment and reward within the school system. Through my studies of “Non-violent Communication”, I became aware that the segregation of our behaviors and needs as either right or wrong is continually reflected and repeated in our adult life, relationships, family life and at work. This has become the hidden language of violence in our society and culture, which I believe we all have the ability to change.  ​

My interest in education and finding a more compassionate way to teach led me to explore the facilitation method of “Agile Learning”,which I now use elements of in my facilitating, giving voice to the autonomy of the learners in my workshops. My holistic practice includes the study and exploration of other methodologies which inform my work and interest in developing connection and communication with ourselves and others.

Watch and Listen to Marshal talk about NVC and give examples of how to use this language of compassion.

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