What is Compassionate Communication?

Compassionate Communication is also known as Nonviolent Communication. Dr Marshal Rosenberg developed his language of life in order to find a more compassionate way for us to understand one another and to be able to connect with what is truly alive in us and in others. 

For a full explanation of NVC and how it works please visit the NVC academy’s website.

My Experience of Non Violent Communication is based on my personal understanding of the methods, through having attended workshops and through studying and using the methods over the past 3+ years. I share my understanding of NVC in order to help others  find a compassionate dialogue in their lives. This is also a part of of my journey and goal towards becoming a certified trainer. Candidates for certification are encouraged by the NVC Academy to share NVC as a valued part of their certification process. For more information about this please visit the NVC academy website.

More information about NVC is available in Greek on this website by Giorgos Tsitsirigkos

If you are a Greek citizen living in Athens or nearby and would like to attend a class with a certified trainer in the Greek language please contact Giorgos Tsitsirigkos who is fully dedicated to the sharing of NVC in Greece, and who translated the “Nonviolent Communication” guide by Dr Marshal B Rosenberg into  Greek.

Tracy Seed is also a certified trainer who works in Greece during the summer months, holding workshops in NVC and Biodanza (in English), in Athens and in Pillion at the Kalikalos Center.   

Watch and Listen to Marshal talk about NVC and give examples of how to use this language of compassion.

video 1

video 3

video 2

video 4

About Me



My experience working in schools and with children formed many of my questions regarding the way we communicate in our society today. I was challenged by the use of punishment and reward within the school system. Through my studies of “Non-violent Communication”, I became aware that the segregation of our behaviors and needs as either right or wrong is continually reflected and repeated in our adult life, relationships, family life and at work. This has become the hidden language of violence in our society and culture, which I believe we all have the ability to change.  

My interest in education and finding a more compassionate way to teach led me to explore the facilitation method of “Agile Learning”,which I now use elements of in my facilitating, giving voice to the autonomy of the learners in my workshops. I currently live on Aegina, a beautiful Island in Greece, where I facilitate workshops in Compassionate Communication (an interpretation of Dr Marshal Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication) whilst exploring the use of clay as my chosen material for creative outlet and artistic practice. The meeting of creative expression with compassionate communication is a key element to my holistic practice. I continue to study and explore NVC and other methods which inform my work and interest in developing connection and communication with ourselves and others.

Self-expression through art and communication is what drives me as I aspire to find a deeper connection. My fine art background with a history of making and exhibiting sculptural artworks which had poignant and ambitious messages, are what lead me to explore the links between self-expression and getting to the roots of what we are trying to communicate, through understanding the feelings and needs that drive us. I have previously lived in the Uk, Australia and Israel where I engaged in work as an artist, prop maker and art director for festivals. Later I worked as an artist in residence and as a freelance art facilitator in expressive art making with schools.

My Experience
Courses, self-study and online workshops, qualifications - a selection




  • Professional Diploma Sculpture. Kensington and Chelsea Collage, London 2013-14

  • Arts Award Advisor Training, Bronze and Silver levels, February 2014

  • Arts Award Advisor Training, Discover and Explore levels, June 2013 

  • Philosophy For Children and the Community at Gallions Primary School, London, 2012

  • BA(Hons) Sculpture, Wimbledon College of  Art, University of the Arts London 2004-07

  • Foundation Diploma in Fine Art, Sculpture, Wimbledon collage of art, 2003


Workshops / Seminars

  • NVC open workshops at Buddafields festival  UK, 2016

  • “Dancing with life" with Tracy Seed – 1 Week, 2017

  • “A taste of compassionate Leadership” – continuous monthly online conferences with Jim and Jori Manske 2018 – 2019

  • “Fearless, Empowered and Free to be Me” – 12 week emotional detox program with Rozy Kalliabetsos  - 2018 – online personalized small group meetings

  • 5th Annual NVC Telethon – Online Video Conference

  • “Darma Not Drama Meditations For The Holidays” – online weekly video conferences and activities with NVC based meditations – 2018

  • “Creating The Life You Want With Powerful Requests” -  Miki Kashton – Audio conferences and activities

  • “Taking 100% Responsibility For Every Relationship” – Miki Kashton – Audio Conferences and activities

  • “Neural Pathways to Happiness” Anne Walton – Audio conference and activities

  • “Street NVC: “Bringing your nvc practice into everyday life” – Audio conference and activities

Self Study

 “Nonviolent communication” – Book by Marshal Rosenberg and Companion Workbook, by Lucy Leu

“The Ongo book” – everyday nonviolence – Catherine Cadden and Jesse Weins

“NVC toolkit for facilitators”  - Ray Gill, Lucy Lue and Judi Morin

Creative workshops

  • 5 Rythms Dancing - Weekly Classes, 2 years - London

  • Contact improvisation - 10 day dance immersive workshop, Shdemama, Israel

  • Ceramics art application - London 

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