Time is TBD | September 2021- Dates to be announced

Compassionate Communication Intermediate

Understand your deeper needs, express yourself with more clarity, listen with curiosity and bring empathy, connection and honesty into your life and your relationships. With trainers Emma and Nadine
Compassionate Communication Intermediate

Time & Location

Time is TBD
September 2021- Dates to be announced

About The Event

September  2021- Dates to be announced

Inspired by Yoram Mosenzon's Connecting 2 Life Courses

Embodying compassionate communication skills, like any other self development, is the work of a lifeitme. I do not ever expect to become ~"perfectly compassioante", which in itself contradicts the core principle of NVC - "that  there is no right or wrong way of being or doing anything". So for me it is a journey, and one that I so enjoy exploring with practice, refinment and the support of a compassionate community to learn with in a shared reality of Giraffe conciouness together. 

This Intermediate course will offer you a chance to deepen your skills so that you can find your own authentic "language of the heart" and become more confident and at ease with the paradigm shift that is needed when making this commitment to a Giraffes  perspective and way of living in this world. 

What will I learn?

- Street Giraffe - Learn to empathis in a more comfortable language that meets people at the heart of what they are   


- Beyond our enemy images are human beings with needs just like ours. Learn to see the humanity beyond people opinions,   

  complaints and painful actions or words.

- Find clarity in moments of torness, Learn how to pay attention to the multiple needs that want your attention when you are  

  feeling confused , and find solutions that include all of your needs.

- Being with uncomfortable emotions and cultivating their power and intelligence that wants to serve life.

- and much much more!


In a closed online group, in a safe environment, we will practice the NVC method through demonstrations, role-plays and exercises. You will be invited to work with real-life examples from your life for an interactive experience and a real integration of NVC philosophy and skills into everyday life.



For anyone who wants to deepend their skills and move towards embodiment of the core intention of nonviolent communication, to connect compassionatly in a flow of giving and receiving. The course is also for people who want more ease and intuition in applying the basics of NVC, so that you can begin to integrate the skills more smoothly in your everyday life. 

This course is also suitabe for people who want to deepend their connection to themselves in a way that brings more clarity and understanding to their inner worlds.

A basics course (or equivilant) in NVC is required to join this course.


Emma Buggy: Is a CNVC certification candidate who has been studying and working with compassionate communication skills since 2015. She is a part of the production team of the NVC Global Online Festival and holds weekly practice groups and compassionate spaces such as The Empathy Cafe and NVC workshops. Her aim is to bring love and compassion into the center of all relationships, inviting us to connect and welcome our humanity and authenticity into our everyday lives. Emma's dream is to sew seeds of compassion across the world and watch them grow into an inteconnected and interdependent ecosystem that nourishes the lungs of our socioty. 

Nadine Helm

Is a CNVC certification candidate who has been studying and working with compassionate communication skills since 2004. She is currently teaching courses for connecting2life and has been sharing NVC and the work of Living Compassion, a spiritual approach to NVC inspired by Robert Gonzales, over the years in different occasions and settings (IIT’s, Yoga Ashrams, workshops). To be radically welcoming and embracing all of life with compassion- the beauty and the pain-, to live from the center of our authenticity, to follow our heart’s calling and to manifest our purpose and beauty in this world is what Nadine is dedicating her own life to, desires to learn, embody and share.


September  2021- Dates to be announced


Online via zoom, A confirmation email will be sent to you  once you have signed up with the same link for joining each week.


A sliding scale of £100 - £150 pp

(£40  advance payment at registration + balance after the end of the course)

Each of us has different financial opportunities and I wouldn’t want the price to be a hindrance to participating! If the price prevents you from joining the course, be sure to contact me. I am open to looking for payment methods that take into account your personal situation and I offer scholarships to those in need (IF you would enjoy supporting a person in need of financial aid in order to join the course, I welcome your extra contributions - you can donate here - at the bottom of the page) .


Please fill in the course registration form and pay the requested depostit. Once received I will send you more information about how to prepare for the course via email. 

The course will run with a minimum of 12 participants in order to meet my need for sustainability. If this number is not reached you will be refunded your deposit or the course will be postponed. 

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